About Marcelle

I was raised in a small town off the West coast of South Africa. Small enough to be blind to how big the world was, but big enough to know the value of life, love, friendship and faith.  


After high school, I started traveling and exploring the world! There was so much more to this world than I could ever dream. You know!? Places to go! People to meet! Things to do! Food to eat!!!  Unfortunately, while I loved traveling and all the food (and the cocktails), my metabolism decided to slow down! And before I knew it, I was 30lbs overweight, my shoes were the only items in my closet that fit and bikini season was not even an option. I quickly created an unhealthy relationship with the gym and added a few fad diets and quick-fixes to the mix.

I ended up losing the weight, but I also: hated the gym, refused to eat anything that I didn’t prepare myself, said “NO” to every social event and felt unhappy because there was ZERO balance in my life. I started getting multiple stress fractures (due to over training) and eventually also broke my foot. This made it almost impossible to workout and I quickly became extremely frustrated! Finally, I gave in and allowed myself to eat and drink the things I’ve been craving and gained back the 30lbs and an extra 5lbs, in ONLY 3 months! Suddenly I was back where I started! Looking for another quick fix! 

The problem is, these quick fixes are only temporary. You lose 3-5lbs and then gain even more when you start eating normal again. I was hopeless and had to try something different.  Most importantly, I wanted to be happy! So, I had to make decisions that would allow me to live my life balanced. I started making healthier choices when it came to food, doing workouts I enjoyed, taking time off at the gym when my body needed it and allowing myself the good things in life! Like going out with friends or that glass of wine after a long day.  Slowly I started losing the extra weight and toning up, without some strict diet that made me think of nothing but food! I found a way to speed up my metabolism with nutrition and exercise. And this time, the weight stayed off! 

Once I got into the routine of living balanced, it all became effortless. My hope is to help others see that; there is indeed a way to live life HAPPY, HEALTHY, FIT AND BALANCED without feeling deprived of food and fun. Find your balance and you WILL find happiness, self-confidence and definitely more than just shoes that fit! :D