Programs & Trainings


Personalized Online-


Every program is unique to fit the needs of each individual client. Programs will be built according to your schedule, time availability, equipment availability (whether at home or gym) and more important- to your fitness level and fitness goals. Striving to get you to a place where you feel healthy, fit and happy.


In-Person Trainings

One-on-One Personal Training Sessions



“I love the Personalized Program! Marcelle got me motivated to start taking care of myself again. The workouts change every month so you don't get bored and are constantly challenged. I love that I am more happy with the way that I look, but more than that I LOVE how I feel!”

~Megan F.

“Marcelle was an excellent trainer for my own specific needs. I am a 53 year old woman and didn’t like to do certain exercises so she would replace them with ones I could do. She is very accommodating and checks in with you regularly making sure you stay on track. I started seeing transformation and results with my body within three weeks. I am very pleased with her training.”

~Alicia E.