Personalized Online Programs


What's included in this program?

  • This is a 4 week program that will be designed around YOUR schedule, fitness level and fitness goals.

  • You will pick the number of days and minutes you want to train per week.

  • The program can be built for home or gym workouts depending on your preference.

  • Everything will be App based so that you can workout anywhere you want. Your workouts and progress will be tracked through the App.

  • The App's "check-in" feature will be used to help keep you accountable for you workouts.

  • This program is designed to be effective yet flexible! You will have the opportunity to make adjustments to your schedule so that you can make up for "missed workouts"(coz let's be honest- LIFE HAPPENS!).

  • Meal ideas and shopping list examples will be included. This is not a diet, but guidelines for you to turn this into a lifestyle that is maintainable.

This program is going to guide you to make positive changes that can last a lifetime!

Price: $99 (Billed every 4 weeks)